Engaging for our planet

Our groundbreaking partnership with associations committed to forest regeneration in Sub-Saharan Africa symbolizes our firm commitment to environmental preservation and support for local communities. Through this innovative collaboration, we combine our resources, expertise and determination to create a sustainable impact on the forest ecosystems of this vital region.

At the heart of our partnership lies a key element that distinguishes our approach: the payment of a significant part of our benefits to associations engaged in forest regeneration. Aware of our responsibility to the planet and future generations, we have chosen to integrate this philanthropic dimension into our business model. This initiative is more than just a financial gesture; it embodies our belief that companies must play a proactive role in the fight against deforestation and climate change.

Our payment process is carefully orchestrated in close collaboration with our associative partners. Together, we identify the most relevant and effective projects to restore degraded forests and promote biodiversity. The funding we provide is not limited to tree planting, it also includes local capacity building programmes, sustainability education workshops and initiatives to empower local people economically.

This integrated approach ensures that our contribution has a real and sustainable impact on both ecosystems and communities. The benefits generated by our company are not limited to economic growth; they also serve the environmental and social growth of the region. We believe in a business model that benefits all stakeholders, from the microcosm of forest microorganisms to the villagers who depend on forests for their livelihoods.

In conclusion, our partnership with associations committed to forest regeneration in Sub-Saharan Africa is the result of a common vision and concerted action. By donating part of our profits to these associations, we reaffirm our commitment to environmental sustainability and the well-being of local communities. We firmly believe that this exemplary collaboration is a ray of hope for a future where forest ecosystems thrive and where solidarity between companies and noble causes is the norm.